ARF, Inc.

     (Animal Rights Fur-Ever)

ARF fundraisers help orphan dogs travel to their rescues and start their better lives!
Thanks for your support!

ARF Recent Events and Announcements

PO Box 264

Ripley, WV 25271


Upcoming ARF Fundraisers 2019

April 13 - Saturday:

   Chocolate Festival - 10am - 2pm

   Epworth UMC

   299 N. Church Street, Ripley

   Stop by the ARF booth for our famous

   signature "poop on a stick" and "piles of poop"

May 4 - Saturday: 

   FORD Drive  for UR Community - 10am - 3pm

   I-77 Wholesale Building (ARF ASDP)
   475 S. Church Street in Ripley, WV

   Across from the I-77 Chevy Dealership

   Ford offers a $20 donation to ARF for each valid 

   test-drive, up to $6000

   Take a test drive and pet a shelter dog

 August 10 - Saturday:

   ARF Garage Sale - 10am - 3pm

   Vail Furniture

   103 N Church St, Ripley, WV 25271

September 21 - Saturday

  Painting Party with Karen Wolfe - 4pm

  Liberty Lions Club

September 24 - Saturday

  Tractor Supply - 10am - 2pm

September 28 - Saturday

  Jackson County Animal Shelter

  Open House (Time to be Announced)